Prayer and  Reflection

At Hawksworth CE Primary School prayer forms part of our daily act of collective worship. We recognise that prayers can only have a religious significance for some, but they have potential to give spiritual insights for all. 


Our School Prayer

Dear Lord,

Bless our school.

Help us to make it a place

Where everyone can be happy.

And that by working together and playing together,

We may learn to serve you and to serve one another.



Both adults and children lead prayer at our school. Opportunities for the impromptu sharing of a prayer are given. We also recognise that prayer does not have to be spoken and we often use silence to reflect upon our thoughts and feelings.

All classes have an area within their classrooms, which is a place for quiet reflection. Every class has a reflection time weekly and is used to capture the children's thoughts and feelings, if they want to share these.

In addition, we have a school prayer tree, class prayer boxes where children can share their prayers, reflections or questions with the class and in Early Years we have an old telephone to dial different numbers to 'call and talk to God'.

Let Your Light Shine

Below is Hawksworth C of E Primary School's contribution to the Bradford Cathedral Year 6 Leavers' Celebration: 'Let your Light Shine' video.