Collective Worship

Collective worship has an important place in the life of Hawksworth CE Primary School. Through our collective worship we aim to provide a caring and supportive environment for children to experience some of the essential features of Christian prayer and worship; to be able to reflect upon the value, purpose and meaning of things; to reflect on right and wrong; to share times of joy and sadness together and to reflect upon ideas concerning beauty.


In all classes, on all days the children join together for a period of reflection and prayer at the end of the school day before going home.


In addition to the daily acts of collective worship in school there are school services held in the parish church of St Oswald’s. These services include those for Christmas, Easter and an end of year service. Parents and relations are invited to all of these church services.


Collective Worship led by Headteacher


Collective Worship led by Y5/6 pupils


Collective Worship led by Open the Book Team from Guiseley Parish/Father David


Class based Collective Worship


Celebrations Collective Worship

Values for Life

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Year A Courage Creativity Peace Trust Forgiveness Justice
Year B Thankfulness Compassion Friendship Hope Truthfulness Humility
Year C Generosity Service Respect Wisdom Responsibility Perseverance

Each half term there is a theme for Collective worship based on 'Values of Life'. These are published at the beginning of the year. Those leading worship are encouraged to relate their worship to this theme. The themes chosen are broad enough to allow all those leading worship to approach the theme from their own perspective. This will mean that by the end of the week the pupils will have had the opportunity to reflect on the theme from a variety of viewpoints. This pattern is flexible and on occasions it is recognised that teachers may feel that they need to respond to local or national events.

As a school we have chosen our ‘6 Key Values’ which are :Love, Trust, Courage, Friendship, Respect and Forgiveness.

These '6 values' are included in our three year plan for collective worship but we also focus on all 6 at the start of every half-term.

Home School Values

Home School Values are fun activities for your family which follow the values being focused on in school. We trust your family will find these ideas helpful as you explore the value together.

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